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Glass Removal - RipCord™ HD Reusable Auto Glass Cord, 25' Roll


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Quick Overview

Slices windshield clips and posts.

Reusable up to 10 jobs per section.

Won’t damage paint finishes.

Made in the USA.

25' Length.


RipCord™ HD is the highest quality cord available for auto glass removal. You’ve tried others that are designed more like simple “line” or “string” than an actual cord. These products break too easily and you find yourself spending more time setting back up for the job than actually cutting. Thicker products that simulate these “string” patterns actually work against cutting action and create too much drag. You end up fighting with the line instead of doing any cutting.

RipCord™ HD solves all of these problems utilizing an innovative technology fused into its design called Force Multiplier. A next-generation fiber technology combined with a uni-directional design to deliver the best quality cutting experience you can have. All while keeping painted finishes completely safe from potential damage.

RipCord™ HD will slice right through plastic clips and posts that robots use to place the windshield for a perfect fit at the factory. You’ve likely become frustrated with these and at the inability to cut them quickly, or at all. With RipCord™ HD, all of these problems are eliminated.

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